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Over $150 in Profits Donated to Charities That Make This A Better World

As part of our “Giving Back” mission, we have created several products recently that sport the “Profit Donated” tag. The profit generated from the sale of these products will be donated several different non-profits outlined in the product’s description. Our Freedom Series 2020 is specially designed to give back to the special charities endorsed by Michelle Obama, Harvey Milk, Martin Luther King Jr and Ruth Bader Ginburg.

Please consider purchasing one our special “Profit Donated” tagged products today and help support non-profits as part of your way of giving back.

Donations to date made from the sale of the Freedom Fighter Series

Ruth Bader GinsburgACLU Women’s Rights Project$125.00
Dr. Martin Luther King JrThe King Center$25.00
Harvey MilkHarvey Milk Foundation$0
Michelle ObamaPeace Players$20
Donations are made from profits made from the sale of Freedom Fighter Series products. Donation records are available upon request.

You can help support the causes our Freedom Fighters believe in. All the organizations we contribute to believe in building a better world though education, partnerships and solidarity.

Our COVID-19 Response

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